Carpeting is ideal for family rooms, living rooms, dens and bedrooms.

Types of Carpet

When it comes to carpet there are four main types, The way the carpet is made helps it to be more unique with each known style. They all have their own style and cut, this is how you can base each one on its own unique appearance.

Berber Carpet

This kind of carpet is best used in high traffic areas of the home. It can withstand the coming and going of your everyday activities. It is the kind of carpet that looks good and at the same time it is a very budget friednly carpet.

Pattern Carpet

This kind of carpet is made with a loop look and the size of the strands make it have a more upscale appearance. These kinds of carpets are recommended for more formal living and dining rooms.

Plush Carpet

These types of carpet are made from longer, crimped pieces of yarn that offer a better texture and smoother surface. Plush carpet is a lounge around of the floor kind. It is best used in high traffic areas of your house such as livingrooms and hallways.

Frieze Carpet

Frieze Carpet is best for bedrooms, sitting rooms and even in your home office. This kind of carpet is made of a longer twisted yarn. It seems to make the room it is in a bit more cozier.

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